About Our Products

Get to know more about our products including; if they work, how and when to take them and who they are suitable for!

What is the difference between collagen and collagen peptides?

Collagen is the main constituent molecule of our tissues. It represents more than 85% of them. It is a molecule that is called "macromolecule", i.e. it is a molecule itself made up of other molecules, peptides.The major difference between collagen and peptides is therefore their molecular size and weight. Collagen is a "big" molecule that will have a hard time crossing the intestinal barrier and therefore being useful to your body. Peptides are very small molecules, 150 times smaller than collagen, and are they precisely capable of crossing the intestinal barrier and reaching correctly to the places that need it. Thus, in the body, peptides will have a double function:

  • Stimulate fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen formation, to tell them to boost collagen production.
  • Provide the fibroblasts with the raw material to precisely produce this new collagen.
What is the molecular weight of your collagen peptides?

The molecular weight of collagen peptides is crucial because it has consequences on the way the body will absorb them. The lower it is, the better they will be bioavailable and therefore absorbed by the body. Our collagen peptides thus have a molecular weight of only 2,000 Daltons.It is the smallest molecular weight that can be found today for collagen peptides, regardless of the form chosen.

Do your products work?

Yes. The ingredients within our products have been clinically tested to prove their benefits over a 3-month period. My Pure Lift has been clinically tested as a formula, with benefits proven within a 3-month period.

What age should I start taking My Pure Skin?

Whilst this depends on your lifestyle, the level of collagen naturally synthesised by the body decreases from around 25. You can of course start earlier, and this may be recommended if you smoke or drink alcohol regularly (as this can have a negative effect on collagen production). You can take our quiz to find out which formula is best for you.

How long will it take for me to feel and see the benefits?

Some of our My Pure Skin lovers have reported feeling more energised and having clearer skin after around a week, but the ingredients within our products are clinically proven to provide benefits within the first 3-months.

When should I drink My Pure Skin?

We recommend that you drink My Pure Skin in the morning on an empty stomach, or between breakfast and lunch.

Can I drink My Pure Skin with other supplements or drinks?

Yes, you can mix with greens, protein shakes or smoothies (or whatever you like!). Just make sure it’s room temperature and not fizzy.

It is not recommended to mix with hot drinks as the vitamins and antioxidants contained within our formulas can deteriorate above 70°C. 

How often should I take My Pure Skin?

This product has been clinically studied on daily use, so this is what is recommended. We have also made it super easy with our subscription plans to never run out.

Can I alternate products?

Yes, you can. As cell renewal is between 21-28 days (depending on your age), we recommend using one product consistently for this amount of time. Alternating our products can also give you benefits from each, allowing you to meet specific needs depending on your lifestyle and what you’d like to tackle.

Can I take more than one product?

Of course! All of our products can be combined without an overdose effect, so you can optimally benefit for your overall wellbeing. Our CEO loves to mix all 3 in the shaker provided every morning!

Are your ingredients natural?

We favour forms of natural active ingredients when they are available. In all our supplements, we select the best ingredients. Our active ingredients, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and superfoods are entirely natural. Thus, all the assets of MyCollagenGlow, MyCollagenLift and MyCollagenRepair are more than 99% natural.The remaining 1% comes from some of our minerals and vitamins (including zinc and B vitamins) that cannot be directly extracted from plants and therefore called "natural". For those, we use active ingredients synthesized with the greatest care and with a perfect match to the natural version to guarantee you the best quality and efficiency.

Where are your collagen peptides sourced from?

For the manufacture of our peptides, we only use the skin and scales of farmed fish, from eco-managed and nature-friendly farms.Once collagen is extracted from fish skins and scales, it is then hydrolysed to be transformed into peptides.

Are your products vegetarian/vegan?

No. The collagen peptides in our products are derived from fish. It is important to note that collagen is an exclusively animal protein and that it is therefore impossible to source natural collagen that is plant-based.

Are your products Kosher?

Yes, our supplements do not contain bovine or porcine collagen, so our products are compatible with a Kosher diet.

Are your products Hallal?

Yes, our supplements do not containbovine or porcine collagen, so our products are compatible with a Hallal diet.