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Lady laying on a sun bed holding a glass of MyPureSkin collagen drink
Lady laying on a sun bed holding a glass of MyPureSkin collagen drink

Drink Your Way to Healthier Skin

Get a boost of youthfulness with our shot that helps to stimulate, nourish, and protect your skin.

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MyPureSkin was created in Switzerland by experts in aesthetic medicine

Tatiana Brandt, the co-founder of MyPureSkin, aimed to enhance the results of the treatments offered to her patients. To achieve this, she researched the most effective active ingredients and created complete products. Our team of anti-aging experts, including biochemists, dermatologists, and doctors, formulated these products to address the fundamental problem of skin aging. Our nutricosmetics consist of a combination of various active ingredients that help regenerate, rehydrate and restore radiance and firmness to the skin, nails, and hair.

My Pure Skin lovers talk about it best

I have been taking this product for 4 months and I have never looked so good! My office colleagues suspect me of doing the solarium when it's the beta-carotene that gives me this tanned complexion!

André, 28 years old

I have only been taking MyCollagenGlow for 3 weeks and I no longer have eczema at all!!! It's miraculous! In addition, my complexion is much more even and tanned.

François, 60 years old

I have been fighting against small spots and redness since my adolescence but thanks to the prebiotics in MyCollagenGlow, I have found flawless skin.

Alexia, 36 years old

Excellent product. Visible results from the end of the first month. In a 6-month treatment, firmer, more radiant skin, increased energy. Promise kept. I highly recommend it.

Serena, 47 years old

I did two treatments of 3 months 6 months apart. I really saw the benefits and difference during the months I didn't take the product. A great product to take continuously!!!

Frédéric, 47 years old

Easy to prepare, small sachet which combines several vitamins and minerals in one dose. I like the idea of ​​an anti-aging preparation and would buy it in stores if I had the brand of the product.

Corinne, 45 years old